Everything we do is done by volunteers. Each recording is produced by one of three teams.

Each team consists of:

News Selector who chooses the articles
Producer who is in charge of the recording session and decides who will read each article and in which order
4 Readers who will read the articles
Recording Operator who will work the recording equipment
2 Copiers who copy the master onto listeners’ memory sticks and posts them out in yellow wallets

We also have a Management Committee of Trustees which includes a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer andOrganiser Listeners and the Recording Engineer. The other members have a range of experience and expertise and cover areas such as Production and Volunteers (currently vacant). We also have a Listener Representative.

We are always happy to welcome new volunteers. We currently have quite a long waiting list of people wanting to read and will advertise below when we are in a position to add more names to these.

If you would like to help us in any other capacity – please do contact us.

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