Pershore Talking Newspaper

Who we are

Pershore Talking Newspaper was founded in 1981 by Alec and Gee Nelmes and in May 2020 will record its 1000th edition.

Our team produces a fortnightly recording of news selected from the local weekly newspapers and the monthly Pershore Times. It is distributed on a USB-memory stick to the blind, partially sighted or those who have difficulty reading who live in Pershore and the surrounding villages. This is a free service, run by volunteers.

The USB-memory stick can be played on a computer or other devices with a USB port. If these are not available to local listeners, Pershore Talking Newspaper do supply a free boombox to play them on.

Our History

The Paper was founded in 1981 when Alec and Gee Nelmes placed an advert in the Evesham Journal for volunteers to meet at the Angel Hotel together with some sound engineers from Wood Norton. The trials for the readers were held in the recording studios at Wood Norton. The funds to purchase the equipment needed were raised by Alec and Gee through coffee mornings, raffles and the generosity of local businesses.

The first recording studio was a very cramped room at the rear of the Admag Office where Peter Smith opticians is now based. In those early days recordings were made to tapes with the recording engineers having to cut out any mistakes and splice the tape back together. It then had to be recorded on to a small cassette which the copying machine could read. This and the copying process was very time consuming as it was done in real-time and the copier could only do one tape at a time. Today we record at No8 on a computer and then copy this to USB memory sticks in Pershore Town Hall – 8 at a time.

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